Irina and Nicholas Florov
Art is Long and Time is Fleeting

Fragrant and elegant, delicate, vigorous and sturdy, feminine, heady and earthy, racy and long-lived, dramatic, precocious, silky and smoky, ponderous, full and spicy, round, stretched, musty and noble, tart and prickly, flowery, fruity, honeyed and hot are only some of the qualifications given to the divine juice.

This book tells many tales from the Lands of Bacchus: Wine: Divine, Benign or Malign; When God Was a Woman, or About Wine, Sex and Other Intoxicants; Heroic Drinking, Saint George and King Arthur; Wine and Blood, and many others.

The book has 237 pages and 42 black and white illustrations. It can be ordered from this site for $15 plus shipping.